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February 4, 2019

"Thank you Chad for your part in making Mike Mangino's 55th Birthday party a fantastic success this past weekend! As I had hoped, I was actually able to attend our own party! We were so busy having a great time, we took very few photos! We will be calling again."

Mike Mangino >

"Yeah Chad, everyone loved the drinks!!! Thanks for doing a great job as usual!"

Elaborate Bartender >

"Thanks to both of you for having me help with your special event, and appreciate your business."

Adele P.
Mount Hope, KS


"Chad and his team of bartenders are an absolute pleasure to work with.  Elaborate bartending and it's owner Chad, a true professional, makes the booking and payment process seamless  and easy.  Every bartender from the Elaborate Bartending team is a respectful, knowledgeable and professional.  Elaborate bartending services is my go to for hiring bartenders when needed and I'm so grateful for this service."

With gratitude,
Adele Potter
CU Events Planning & Catering

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